Custom Artwork with Stamp
Custom Artwork with Stamp
Custom Artwork with Stamp
Custom Artwork with Stamp

Custom Artwork with Stamp

Submissions MUST meet all requirements below. If your image does not upload, that means it is too small or too large and will need to be resized.


• JPEG or PDF 

• No smaller than 2" X 2", MUST be high resolution DO NOT make a small/low res. image larger to meet this, it will make the image blurry/pixelated.

• Black & white images only NO grays, shadows, colors

• File must be ready to use

• To avoid legibility issues, abbreviate where you can & avoid super fine lines.

• Please enter the text you would like on the stamp in the notes box Choose a font from one of our original stamp designs & mention that design name in the notes. Abbreviate where you can to save space. We do not download/purchase fonts. If your text is already in your artwork, you can dismiss this step.

Upload your artwork below & please include your contact info in the notes

If Artwork meets requirements, a proof will be sent within 3 business days. If Artwork DOES NOT meet requirements we will request you resubmit artwork

Custom Artwork fee $25 + Cost of Stamp

Additional charges may apply if changes need to be made and/or additional proofs are requested

Replacement Stamp Design = Rubber stamp replacement, DOES NOT include Self-Inking Stamp body or acrylic block Hand Stamp. A Single Color Black ink pad is included with all Stamp Die purchases.

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