Custom Artwork with Embosser

Custom Artwork with Embosser

Submissions MUST meet all requirements below, if they do not, there will be production delays


• Images MUST be simple! Intricate detail & fine details will not work

• JPEG or PDF 

• No smaller than 2" X 2", MUST be high resolution DO NOT make a small/low res. image larger to meet this, it will make the image blurry/pixelated

• Black & white images only NO grays, shadows, colors

• File must be ready to use

• Please enter the text you would like on the embosser in the notes box Choose a font from one of our original stamp designs & mention that design name in the notes. Abbreviate where you can to save space. We do not download/purchase fonts. If your text is already in your artwork, you can dismiss this step.

Upload your artwork below & please include your contact info in the notes

If Artwork meets requirements, a proof will be sent within 3 business days. If Artwork DOES NOT meet requirements we will request you resubmit artwork

Custom Artwork fee $25 + Cost of Embosser

Additional charges may apply if changes need to be made and/or additional proofs are requested

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