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Self-Inking Stampers

The process of using traditional stamps can be grueling! From switching out your ink, to changing and cleaning your stampers almost constantly, not making a mess is essentially impossible. This all changes, though, when you make the switch to a self-inking stamper. How does a simple stamp mount change make such a difference? Let us explain!

What makes self-inking stampers different?

Traditional stampers are generally made of wood and have one stamp face permanently attached to its handle. This type of mount can only be used with one color at a time and then must be wiped clean. In addition, to get a “clean” stamp, these stamp faces must be wiped in between each individual use. Self-inking stampers on the other hand offer a simple, controlled, and precise alternative to the traditional stampers.

Self-inking stampers, like the ones we offer here, are different because there are no inconsistencies in pressure that make you have to wipe it down in between each use. In addition, ink pads can quickly and easily be switched in and out (including pads with multiple colors for precise designs) and they offer switchable, peel and stick stamp face options so consumers can get the most out of one individual stamper.

What makes self-inking stampers so easy?

Self-inking stampers are easy because they offer a one and done service. There is no uncovering your ink, dabbing your stamp in the ink, stamping, then wiping it all off. It’s one push and your done; your stamp looks perfect and your ink and mount are either ready to be put away or used again. It really is that simple.

Don’t make your life harder than it has to be. Enjoy the simple things; enjoy a self-inking stamper from Stamp Essentials, today.

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