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How To Change your Ink

Simple Switches for Every Stamper

Your PSA Essential Stamper is a highly advanced piece of stamping technology. With the ability to be easily manipulated to provide numerous stamping options, self- inking and last years with various users and pressure, this stamper cannot get any better. But, it does. Every PSA Essential Stamper features an ink changing capability that allows the user to choose which color ink they want to use and when they want to use it. That’s right, you don’t have to switch to an all new stamper just to get to use one of the 40 plus different color options we have available. Simply switch out the stamp pad and voila, you’ve got the perfect self-inking stamper for your every need.

To change your ink pad, follow the steps listed below.

For Round PSA Essential Stampers:

  1. Press your stamper three-quarters of the way down and lock it into place using the red buttons located on either side of the mount.
  2. Give the ink cartridge (located just above the stamp pad, directly under the cartridge) a little tap - it should slide right out!
  3. Slip a new pad into place.
  4. Unlock and use!


For Rectangular PSA Essential Stampers:

  1. Compress the stamp half way down.
  2. Flip the button (located on the back of the stamp mount) over to the lock position.
  3. Using two fingers, grab either side of the cartridge (located under the lock button) and pull up gently to remove.
  4. Slide in a new pad in, with the ‘wet’ side facing down.
  5. Unlock and use!

For a hands on tutorial on how to accomplish these steps, please check out PSA Essentials tutorial videos for either Round or Rectangular.

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