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  • How long does it take for my personalized stamp or embosser to ship? All personalized items should ship within 5-7 business days, plus shipping time.
  • How long does it take for non-personalized items, such as ink pads, to ship? All non-personalized & stock items, when being purchased alone, should ship within 1-3 business days, plus shipping time.
  • How long will my order be in transit/shipping time? It depends on the shipping method selected.  The only guaranteed transit times are UPS 2-Day and Next Day, which offer 2 day and 1 day ship times, respectively.  All USPS transit times are unreliable at this time and are for estimate purposes only.
  • Can I get my personalized stamp or embosser made faster? Currently, there is not option for a rushed production.

    *The USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of covid-19.  Unfortunately, this is out of our control. Please also note that UPS may also be experiencing delays due to increased volume and covid-19 impacts. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Personalized products:
    Sales are final on all personalized items. No returns or exchanges.



  • What is Peel & Stick®? Peel & Stick® is not a product. It is a technology that all of our stamp products possess. You can PEEL off your rubber stamp piece and STICK on a new one or interchange with options from our Switchable Stamp Packs.
  • I moved; can I purchase a replacement stamp die? Because of our patented Peel & Stick® technology… YES, you can! When ordering your new stamp die be sure to choose the option “Replacement Stamp Design” from the drop-down menu.
  • What is the difference in a 2-Piece stamp & a Full stamp design? A 2-Piece stamp refers to any of our stamps that have an outer ring and center name/monogram/image. There are two parts to these stamps, the outer ring, and the center design. The 2-Piece Stamps are compatible with our award winning 2-Color ink pads.
    A Full stamp refers to stamps that look more like the Jacobson, Lindsay,  Phoebe, etc. It still holds the Peel & Stick® technology, but it is one full  (circular) rubber stamp piece, this means it too can be peeled away and  replaced with another stamp design.
    The above also applies to our rectangle stamps!
    Any rectangle design that has a name/monogram/image on the left side is a 2-Piece Stamp and is compatible with our 2-color rectangle ink pads. A full rectangle design will spread across the rectangle and are only compatible with our rectangle single color inks.
    *Please note that our 2 color ink cartridges ONLY work with 2-Piece stamp designs. This applies to both round and rectangle.


  • Do you design custom stamps or logos for customers? No, we do not offer design services at this time.
  • Id like a proof sent to me. How does that work? If you would like to see a digital image of your stamp or embosser, you can purchase a proof for an additional $10. Please note that we provide images of fonts for each stamp design, to give our customers an idea of how their name might look in a certain font, please view all product images before deciding to purchase a proof.

* Please note that Custom Artwork and proof fees are NOT refundable



EMBOSSERS: Currently NOT available (updated 12/13/2023)

  • I already have an embosser; can I just purchase a new plate insert?
    If you purchased your PSA embosser after November 2018, then you can purchase just a replacement embosser insert.
    If you purchased your embosser before November of 2018, you would need to purchase a new embosser in full. Our old plates and embosser bodies are NOT compatible with the current model we sell.

  • Warranty:
    If you find that your embosser is not working properly within the first year of purchase we are happy to provide a new insert at no cost to you. Contact us at info@psaessentials.com and we will get the issue resolved. Please note that tampering with the embosser insert or embosser body will void this warranty.

*Standard and Luxury inserts are NOT compatible with each other.



  • Is your ink non-toxic?  Yes, it is a water-based ink.

  • Non personalized items that are sold in quantities of 6: tags, barcodes, labels, etc are NOT included. Instructions available upon request (if applicable).

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