Here at Stamp Essentials, we are a proud retailer of the one and only u•b•u™!

U•b•u: The Brand

U•b•u as a brand delivers immense value, quality and all around well-rounded characters that are perfect for any and every holiday, season, occasion or craft. With designs based off of greeting card character drawn nearly 25 years ago, there is no simpler or more beautiful stamp faces available on the market.

What began with simple doodles turned into a thriving company that now manufactures over 20 personalized and unique, switchable photopolymer stamp faces. From sports loving stick figures to wedding and holiday based imagery, u•b•u has truly set the bar to an all new high when it comes to cutesy stamp figures.

Why We Love Them

Owner of u•b•u, Cindy Rotberger, attributes the success of her stamp line to the personalized and unique touch that each stamp face offers, but we would argue it has to do with more than just that. We love u•b•u because it is a brand that offers a new creative twist on characters we love, in addition to providing us with high, consumer approved quality products. At Stamp Essentials, we believe in the u•b•u brand and love being able to be a part of spreading high-quality stamps across the world.

We love u•b•u and encourage all our consumers to learn more about Cindy and the u•b•u brand. And, if you are already as sold on this incredible brand as we are, then we encourage you to start shopping; you can find our favorite u•b•u stamps here.

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