Do I need to take the ink pad out of my stamper in between each use?

The short answer is yes. Your ink pad will do fine in your stamper for short periods of time. But, if you wish to keep your ink pad’s life as long as possible, it is always in your best interest to remove and reseal your inkpad in its original packaging. This will help to keep your ink moist and your pad functional.

Should I always peel the switchable stamp off my stamp mount before putting it away?

It is up to you! Peeling your stamp off after use is a good way to ensure that it is properly cleaned and stored in preparation for your next use. But, leaving your stamp on stuck to the stamp mount for prolonged periods of time will not harm your stamp or take away any of its stickiness.

What do I need to clean my stamps?

All you need is water! If you get built up ink residue on your stamp, you may also use soft dish soap to aid in getting all traces of ink off but water should do just fine on its own. We DO NOT recommend using any chemical cleaners on our switchable stamps as it will damage their stickiness.

Will my stamps ever lose their “stickiness”?

Not if they are cared for properly! The switchable stamps products we sell are designed to last. So, as long as you clean them with water and never any chemicals, your stamps should stay sticky for years and years to come.

Will a self-inking stamp fix the ‘smudge-problems’ that accompany traditional stamps?

Yes! One of the many perks of self-inking stampers is their controlled pressure. By using a self-inking stamper you eliminate the chance of over pressing the stamp face into the ink, which is what generally causes the smudged appearance of traditional stamps.

What is the difference between the round and rectangular stamper?

The only difference between these stamp mounts is the designs that they can support! While our collections offer many “duplicate” options so that you can get similar designs for both mounts, some designs are simply made to fit the rounded mounts and vice versa.

Can I use any ink pad with my PSA Essentials self-inking stamp mount?

The short answer is yes, as long as it fits properly. But, Stamp Essentials offers more than 50 different PSA ink options for you to choose from for each stamp mount. We encourage you to check out the inks we have to offer, before looking elsewhere.

Can I return a stamp if I don’t like it?

We are happy to offer a free 90-day return on all stamp products. All we ask is that when you send us back your stamp product, you send it back in its original condition and packaging. To start your return, please email us at ilovestamps@stampessentials.com with your original order number.

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